Product Description
  • qIQ MultiTransceiver is a Windows application that is designed to work with systems with multiple transmit and receive channels
  • Allows 4 transmit channels and 4 receive channels to be used simultaneously
  • Supports common waveform file formats
  • Uses files generated by qIQ Generator
  • Standard analysis features included in Base Price
    • IQ waveforms
    • Spectrum
    • Spectrogram
    • Correlating receiver
  • The correlating receiver allows each receiver channel to operate like a time of arrival, or radar receiver
  • System requirements
    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • 4 GB RAM
    • INTELĀ® CORE i3or better processor

Base price includes Standard analysis features: IQ waveforms, spectrum, spectrogram and correlating receiver

One Year Activation Base Price $3,340
One Month Activation Base Price $390